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Downtown Nassau Bahamas

Downtown Nassau

Downtown Nassau

The central business hub of The Bahamas Islands is located in the City of Nassau on New Providence Island. Prime real estate located here consist of many international companies, financial institutions such as banks and trust companies, restaurants, hotels, luxury stores and tourist related businesses. The Downtown Nassau Bahamas area is also the docking port for cruise ships and import/export companies.

Real estate for sale or rent in Downtown Nassau Bahamas is not usually easy to come by because of the high demand to occupy this prime business area. When a property becomes available it is not typically on the Bahamas real estate market for long. Because of the quick turnover and high demand, Downtown Nassau Bahamas is a great area to invest in.

Bahamas Culture

On Boxing Day (December 26th) and New Years Day, the entire Bahamas celebrate "Junkanoo" which is named after John Canoe, an African slave master and trader who started the tradition back in the 17th century. Junkanoo is celebrated throughout the islands but the main parade is held on the streets of downtown Nassau Bahamas. Junkanoo groups 'rush' the streets in their colourful costumes as music is played by drums, horns and whistles. People from all over the world travel to The Bahamas during this time to enjoy the festivities.

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